A girl who has experienced love from her Dad will have zero Daddy issues - Toke Makinwa


Toke Makinwa has shared her thoughts on a girls relationship with her father. According to the media personality, a girls relationship with her father sets the tone of her romantic relationships. If the relationship was a good one she will not be washed by men because they have heard all that needs to be heard from their father. It also means that they are in-charge of their emotional and mental stability. They little or zero chances of ‘daddy issues’. She tweeted:

‘If a girls first introduction to love is from her dad, chance of “daddy issues” are slimmer, her emotional weel-being and mental stability is 100. Imagine a guy trying to wash you when all you’ve heard from you’ve heard all your life from your father is your father is you are awesome. Zero chance.

She also added:

‘I hope my daughter is lucky enough to experience the love of a doting father, I hope they have a healthy relationship, ill love my daughter first date to be her dad. 

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