Homosexuality in Nollywood - Movie director, Victor Iyke

Movie director Victor Iyke, revealed top secrets in Nollywood, while chasing a career as an actor.

According to him, homosexuality is prevalent in Nollywood, this is part of the reason he makes his own movies.

“Homosexuals are everywhere in Nollywood. And yes, I had encounters with them while chasing a career as an actor. They are part of the reasons I started making my own films, to be in charge so that no one would give me such conditions before giving me a movie role,” 

He also wishes to be married to an actress to love and to work with.

“I’m looking forward to getting married to an actress. It will be a blessing because we would mix our creativity. Being in the same field, we’ll help each other attain our goals faster. Imagine after a wonderful lovemaking… boom! We both come up with a wonderful story on the bed and start working on it.”

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