How to quickly get rid of sore throat

Sore throat is any inflammation of the Pharynx that causes soreness, the same as a common symptom for many viral and bacteria infection that causes soreness, swollen and scratchy throat resulting to cough, catarrh and fever.

Pharynx is a part of the alimentary canal and respiratory tract that extended from the back of the mouth and nasal cavity to the larynx and esophagus.

Sore throat is also called pharyngitis. Soreness of the throat causes sharp pain and discomfort when eating and drinking. Most times, sore throat is caused when infected tooth brush or old tooth brush come in contact with pharynx during the process of brushing the tongue and to deep tooth brush in the throat while brushing. This is why dentist advised to also change tooth brush regularly, atleast two months interval. Cold, very hot food, dry mouth, irritation, shouting, can also cause sore throat.


Self treatment can be carried out to remedy sore throat. This solution have been proven without possible doubts, it worked perfectly. I'm certain it will work for any soreness of the throat.


- In the morning, gargle with warm salt water solution.

- Take atleast one lemon fruit 🍋 before breakfast.

- Take hot tea, not very hot.

- In the evening, also take lemon fruit 🍋 before going to bed.

Do this atleast for two days. Immediately, changes will start, the process will heal the sore, stop inching and dry up the swollen part of the throat completely without any side effects.

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