JK Rowling trends for Transphobia



The author JK Rowling once is again is facing being cancelled by the Twitter mob. Previously she has been called transphobic because of her views on matters of the LGBT community. This led to several attempts by her critics to cancel her.

 There Harry Potter series author has been declared ‘dead' as a writer because of a new book called Troubled Blood which is to be released this week. The book features a trans-person who is a serial killer.

Pro-LGBT rights people claim that the book gives a negative presentation of trans people. They also concluded that JK Rowling wrote it out of transphobia. Many fans are now trending the hashtag #RIPJKRowling.

Kidnapped Undergraduate Student Released!

A student of University of Abuja who was kidnapped has been released. Mary Judith Eze was kidnapped on September 9 in the Tunga Maje area of Abuja. On Thursday, September 10, unidentified gunmen attacked Tungar Maje village of Gwagwalada Local Government Area in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and kidnapped a number of people. According to Sahara Reporters, the undergraduate and other victims were released  today Tuesday, September 15.

According to the residents of the village, the gunmen abducted  12 persons and dropped 7 out of the 12  kidnapped persons after a gun battle with the police and vigilante of the community.

Initially a random of 20 million naira was demanded. It was not disclosed whether the random was paid or otherwise.

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