Vera Sidika admits to getting new breast implants


Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika admits to getting new breast implants.  She flaunted her new boobs on her Instagram page. 

When asked about it she replied:

“I wasn’t proportional…I used to be thick but not proportional so I just decided to be proportional and added mu Boobs and I at least don’t wear bras anymore…. It costed me $20000 (Sh.2 million). I got it done in Beverly Hills. They are actually good.... Because they don’t interfere with your breasts as you can still breastfeed. The Breast has like a ka-pocket that is empty, so they normally put the implant in that pocket, so it doesn’t interfere with anything in your breasts”


When asked if she had done any thing to her  butt, she replied:

“I grew up with (Booty) that but I had a problem showing it off because I used to feel fat…but when I came to Nairobi I just decided to live my life and started wearing short dress, showing my curves and now people will appreciate it and that’s when I started embracing it. I started liking the attention… I have never added my butt” 

Below are some replies from Kenyans:

@ikuamike: Those things could float the titanic

@DunMc316: @vee_beiby I'd just love to meditate on that BOOBlia

@Brevan32: @vee_beiby  hope hizo c second hand ....There's only one way to know !!

@JoeWMuchiri: @vee_beiby s new church from this Sunday is the #Presbyterian I mean #BREASTbyterian church

@collomoseti: @vee_beiby  i remember u in campus. u were humble shaggzmondoz, now gal what has happened to ua ass

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