We will not have mercy on Oshiomhole - Godwin Obaseki


Obaseki who has been re-elected was once a member of the APC. 

After falling out with Oshiomhole, he was disqualified from running with the party and made a decision to run with the People’s Democratic Party.

The re-elected Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki affirmed that his administration will have no problems kicking the former Governor, Adam Oshiomhole out of the state if he causes any problem. On a TV with Arise on the 22nd of September, he was asked whether he will send the former Governor out of the state. He said :

''I don't have any plans to. If he continues to behave as he has always done, if he continues to be destructive. If he continue to fund his lions in Edo state and tries to create problems for us here, then we will not have any mercy. It is totally up to him.''

While talking about the danger of godfatherism to democracy, he described persons like Oshiomhole and Tinubu as 'overlords' and called such position 'extraconstitutional'. He went on to describe them as threats to the Nigerian democracy:

“For us, the challenge with Oshiomole and Ahmed Tinubu is that except they change their ways, they pose a great danger to our society because they are extra-constitutional players.

They have constituted themselves to what they say they are without any constitutional responsibility and trying to overlord themselves over people who have constitutional authorities and if we allow them to continue in the mode they are, they will destroy our democracy.''

They are none constitutional actors. When I was in APC, I was always surprised at the role of the Leader. There is nothing in the constitution of our country or even in that party giving anybody the role as a leader. The title leader has no constitutional backing.

They cannot sit in their houses or wherever they are and  determine who becomes what, who gets into what office. It is very anti-democratic.

While referring to the loss of trust between him and Oshiomhole, he said:

 “For Oshiomhole, I won’t want to say much here. But when you find that you have been deceived, you don’t share the same values, you don’t trust at all.

 “It is his responsibility to rebuild that trust and to show if his values align with what we represent as a people. Clearly I am not God, but I will say he should stay on his lane, while I maintain mine.”

The re-elected Governor was also asked whether he would consider returning to the All Progressive Congress (APC). He replied:

'I think it will be  immoral and unfair to begin to even have any consideration at this point about leaving this platform that gave me the mandate. There must be morals in politics. People must be ethical in their politics. At this point in time, I do not think it is right or is the proper thing to do to jettison the platform the brought me into power, particularly as I have no issues or challenges or problems with the party”.

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