14-year-old girl missing, found in 35-year-old boyfriend's house

A fourteen year old girl who was declared missing by her parents has been found in her 35-year-old boyfriend’s house. She was alledgely missing for a week, before she was found.

The teenager has reportedly been living with her 35-year-old lover for close to a week, who claimed he didn't know that the underaged girl who has been with him for days was declared missing by her parents. An insider with twitter handle @pejumadey reported the incident.

@pejumadey's words;

“They’ve been searching for a 14yrs old girl in my area for close to a week. They found her in her ‘boyfriend’s house’ on the same street. The self acclaimed boyfriend is 35+ and he had the nerve to say he didn’t know they will be looking for her.

Yes the man has been picked up. The police siren is what attracted me to go and do amebo in the first place. I don’t have any information about the girl yet but I know the family is not letting it slide”.

There's nothing extraordinary about it. She’s a child and he took advantage of her naivety.

That’s terrible.

See tweet below:

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