25-year-old mother tries selling her a week old baby for a pair of boot

Luiza Gadzhieva 25, claimed she was looking for adoptive parent but was caught when the police disguised as potential buyers. She accepted to sell her child for £3,000. The suspect told her sister, she was going to sell her baby daughter to buy new boots. The woman has been detained in Moscow after giving her baby in a city centre coffee shop.

Before the police stepped in, an anti-slavery group Alternativa tried toconvice  the mother not to sell her new born baby. 

"We tried in every way possible to explain to her that bad, dangerous conditions awaited the child," said the group.

"The height of cynicism was her correspondence with her sister, who knew about everything, and in which the child's mother discussed what boots she will buy for herself and selling the child,"  they said.

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