Bishop Elijah Chukwuebuka caught with women underwear and charms in Anambra state


The villagers in Umunze, Anambra State has witnessed yet another case of a Lion in Sheep Clothing when a so-called pastor was stripped naked and paraded before bewildered onlookers carrying his dirty linings with him. The servant of Lucifer, as it turned out to be, Bishop Elijah Chukwuebuka, who is the founder of God of Light Anointing Ministry, was allegedly caught with charms and female underwear in his so called church in Nsogwu, Umunze, at about 5p.m yesterday.

The incident provoked the village youths who charged to the church with the intent to burning the fake servant of God popularly known as Big Daddy but was miraculously rescued and taken to the palace of the Igwe of Umunze.

This ugly scenario is becoming rampant in our society lately where falsehood has taken over reality. Without been told, there has been a systematic shift in not just the way we live and dress, but also, the way we pursue God. The religious virility of many Nigerians’ conscience has steadily eroded away, making religious activity a mere bare and sterile formality.

 Many attend churches today not because they after God, they see church as a social gathering or a place where they can fix their problems and wage wars against their fellow human beings. Pastors who do not see or do the abnormal find no one in their congregation. Because the people are ready to pay for the services they receive, the power and money hungry pastors go the extra mile to fortify themselves to meet the teaming demands on them by their followers. Churches have become business locations where people come to buy and to sell.

 Fetishism and ritual has replaced piety and morality with many so called pastors and daddies are mere masquerades and actors posing what they are not, and the worst aspect of it all is that people are not ready to learn their lessons. 

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