CBN opposes suit to remove Arabic inscriptions from naira notes


The Apex bank in Nigeria has opposed the suit mandating it to remove the Ajami (Arabic) inscription on the naira notes. This is as a result of a suit filed before a Federal High Court in Lagos by Chief Malcolm Omirhobo, requesting the Court to order CBN to remove the Arabic writings from the naira. Omirhobo alleged that the Arabic writings compromised the position of Nigeria as a secular State and prayed the presiding Judge, Justice Liman to order the CBN to replace the Arabic writings with English language or any of the three major languages – Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo. However, CBN spokesman, Abiola Lawal, in a counter claim suit, prayed the Court to disregard the Plaintiff on the bases that the Ajami has not compromised the naira in any way and that it was simply introduced to help the non- English readers who understand Arabic for easy facilitation of trade. Lawal further explained that it will cost the nation fortune to replace the naira notes.

Another similar submission against the Nigeria Army by the Plaintiff for the removal of Arabic writing in its logo is before Justice Liman and like the CBN, the Army has also opposed Omirhobo’s suit and urged the Court to throw it out.       


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