Dino Melaye denies buying 11-year-old daughter a Lamborghini as birthday gift


The much circulated rumour concerning former Kogi lawmaker, Dino Melaye buying his 11 year old daughter a Lamborghini as birthday gift has been debunked by him.

Dino alleged that the Instagram account with the name Mary Melaye is a fake account or is it his words against ours?. 

The alleged fake account became viral when it posted a picture of a young girl posed in front a Lamborghini and wrote ‘Thanks dad.

The account also posted the post she received from her aunt wanting to know if Mary had began driving her car.  

“I watched you grow, carried you on my back when you cry. Am so happy for the woman you are turning into. You shall be greater than your dad. And hope you have started driving your ride?” her aunt reportedly wrote.

However, Dino said he does not have any daughter called Mary.

“I have no daughter called Mary and the Instagram account with name Mary Melaye is a fake. How can any responsible father buy even a KIA Rio for a child at 11? Dino matter dey sweet una to lie sha” he concluded.

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