How to make Banga soup, Niger Delta delicacy

Banga soup is derived from palm fruits, it is the palm oil extracted from palm nuts that is used to prepare banga soup. Banga soup is rich in vitamins A, E, K, and other essential nutrients. It is the most common soup in Niger Delta.


- Ripe banga fruits

- Banga spices

- Fresh Goat meat and beef or anyone of choice

- Ground pepper

- Crayfish or shrimps

- Fresh Catfish

- Dried meat or anyone of choice

- Ozigolo Fish (Dried fish) or anyone of choice

- Seasoning cubes

- Bretete - Special leaf for Banga soup, sold in sachets

- Salt to taste

- Periwinkles


Wash and boil ripe banga fruits till soft, pound in mortal, add little quantity of water to sieve Palm oil from Palm nuts and husk, sieve in a clean pot. Start cooking the sieved palm oil, once it's starts boiling, add banga spices.

Wash Periwinkles with warm water and salt, use pin to pull out periwinkles from its shell. Wash meat and fish. Scrub Catfish very well with salt, wash with warm water using blunt knife to scrape out the slime off the Catfish. Season all kinds of meat and fish with seasoning cubes, salt to taste and little quantity of water. Once the meat is tender add all boiled ingredients in already boiling banga soup.

Wash and add crayfish or shrimps, dried meat, dried fish, and Periwinkles.

Add bretete leaves.

Stir soup side by side, so that the fresh Catfish in the soup will remain intact.

Add seasoning cubes and little quantity of salt to taste.

Simmer the soup to thickened to taste of choice, bring down from heat.

Dish, serve with starch, poundo yam or semovita. Enjoy!

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