Is Nevada & Arizona the key to the White House for Joe Biden?


We are not declaring ourselves winners; but we believe that when counting is over, we will win. This is the paraphrase assessment of Joe Biden as he addressed his elated supporters and staff at Wilmington, Delaware some hours ago. As more states are coming into the picture, the composure of Joe Biden remains calm while Donald Trump who was before hysterical is hardly making any comment. The battle state Pennsylvania which is a must win for President Trump is no longer the pursuit of Joe Biden, in fact CNN John King declared, “He doesn’t need it.” 

However, two key states have emerged as determinants of Biden’s Presidency: Nevada and Arizona, both Democratic states. In the words of Mr. King, Biden, who is already knocking at the door of the White House, winning of these states is all he needs as ticket to the White house! So far, it is not looking good for Trump and his camp, but our fingers are still crossed!     

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