Is Nigeria government serious with the youths?

The arrest of Eromosele Adene, a frontliner in the EndSARS protest and other key facilitators is becoming worrisome to say the least, to sane headed Nigerians and observers. It was obvious that the dimension the EndSARS protest took wowed the expectation of most observers, the government and even the protesters themselves. In the end, it appeared vital lessons were learnt, as it were; the IG of Police Mohammed Adamu announced to the nation the demolition of the infamous SARS, and replacement was followed. Many of us jubilated and clapped our tired hands together. But the government was not done yet! In a stakeholders meeting with the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State in October, the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, disclosed to the press a special Youth Fund of 25 billion naira created for youth empowerment which will be raised to a staggering 75 billion naira in three years time! The Federal Government also directed the states to engage stakeholders and youth affiliates in their domains to forge ahead on the way forward for the youths.

It appears Buhari’s administration is trying hard to convince the youths of Nigeria his administration’s commitment to listen to them and to better their lives, and also to the international observers that his administration is fostering a cordial understanding with the teaming youth of Nigeria.

What is sickening and amidst now, is the abysmal arrests and detentions of the prominent leaders of the protest. Why? Why is the government clamping down on them? Why is their bank accounts frozen by CBN? Why? To justify their evil agenda, the CBN in a Federal Court in Abuja alleged that the fund in the targeted EndSARS protesters ‘might have been linked’ to terrorist activities. Might have been linked they tell us!

Who is now fooling who? How genuine is the posture of goodwill Buhari’s administration is fronting? Are they mere buying of time? Can the administration keep its promise to listen to the youths? 

What have to say? Please tell us.    

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