Job Alert:Chicago is recruiting Research Data Analyst

 Kennedy Lab, is a brand new science laboratory at Northwestern studying the structure of animal behavior, it's alteration in neurological disorders and it's control by the brain. The analyst will be task with further development of our laboratory software for animal behavior classification, and with integrating this software into our lab's user interface for analysis of neural and behavioral data.

The Kennedy Lab is recruiting a Research Data Analyst to contribute to the development of computer vision and machine learning software.

The analyst will also work with Lab members and collaborators to integrate new software features, the analyst will assist with user support and provide documentation of features they have helped to develop.


- Proficiency in python, including Machine Learning.

- Proficiency in use of team software development tools, including git, python visual environments, Vonda/Docker

-  Command of modern machine learning techniques for supervised and unsupervised learning, dismensionality reduction and data preprocessing.

- Proficiency in Mathlab

- Experience with python modules for GUI construction.

- Experience with the DataJoint Python modules.

They are recruiting students and Postdoc too, on multiple funded projects.

Interested candidates should apply at:

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