Kidnappers demands N270m for adopted ABU students


The heartless gunmen who kidnapped students of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, along Kaduna-Abuja Road on Sunday 15th of November have demanded an unreasonable ransom of 270m for their release. 

According to Daily Trust, an escapee student of the kidnap, Dickson Oko alleged the kidnappers have contacted the family members and demanding 30m for each of the victims.

Oko, who sustained gun injury from the attack, said they were twelve students in the vehicle and nine students were kidnapped. The students were on their way to the French village where they  undergo a language immersion programme when the bus conveying them came under attack by gunmen who blocked both exits of the Akilubu-Gidan Busa axis on the highway and opened fire on motorists.

The driver of the bus, Mohammed Nurrudeen, who escaped unhurt, said they were trapped at about 3:10pm at Busa, a few kilometers to Alilubu. 

“Immediately they came on the road, the armed men opened fire. They shot two of the students in the bus and we noticed that they had erected a roadblock behind us and another in front. There was another roadblock mounted on the other lane. So the only thing I could do was to stop

Seeing what danger they were in, the diver summoned courage and ordered the bewildered students to risk their chances and vacate the trapped bus: 

“I opened the door and crawled into the grass. The gunshots were everywhere; the person on the passenger’s seat in front also came down even though he was shot. I crossed onto the other lane. I never knew I would survive because there were gunshots directed at me.”

Mr Nurrudeen said he witnessed the gunmen opened fire on a Gulf car with people inside and that was the turning point for him to abandon the bus.  

“I can’t say how many people were killed but what scared me was how they opened fire at the Gulf car even though it had stopped and there were people in it. But the bandits opened fire and kept shooting. That was when I decided that it was better they killed me while on the run than face a gruesome fate in the vehicle,” he added

The driver explained later when he surfaced at the roadside; soldiers have arrived and were engaging the gunmen in a shootout. He said when the situation calmed; he went Katari Police Station to register a Statement.  

“While making the statement, one of my passengers, she had a baby, came and said that she couldn’t believe that I survived because they all thought I had been hit by bullets.

She was trembling and told the police that when the soldiers came, the bandits formed two groups; one went with several kidnapped victims into the bush, while the other bandits stayed back to engage the security agents in an attempt to distract them.”

According to Mohammed, two other students had been found, including the student on the passenger’s seat who sustained a gunshot wound, adding that “the woman confirmed that the bandits left with nine of the students while we took the three who escaped to the hospital and I came back to Kaduna with them on Monday.”


A female relative of one of the kidnapped students told the Voice of America (VOA) Hausa Service that the kidnappers have reached out to the family demanding for N30 million per student. She pleaded with the kidnappers to have mercy and release the victims, saying they were only students.

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