President Muhammadu Buhari’s congratulatory message to Joe Biden attracts criticism from Nigerians


To congratulate is not bad; but doing it as a hypocrite is a mortal sin! This appears to be the mindset of many Nigerians towards President Muhammadu Buhari via social media when his congratulatory tweet to the US President-elect, Joe Biden hits the waves as Nigerians reacts profusely when Muhammadu Buhari tweeted Joe Biden. The tweet reads;

“Congratulations to US President-Elect Joe Biden on his election at a time of uncertainty and fear in world affairs. His election is a reminder that democracy is the best form of government because it offers the people the opportunity to change their government by peaceful means. 

I urge Mr. Biden to deploy his vast experience in tackling the negative consequences of nationalist politics on world affairs—which have created divisions and uncertainties—and to introduce greater engagement with Africa on the basis of reciprocal respect and shared interests.

President-Elect Biden’s remarkable track record gives us hope that he will add value to the presidency and world affairs. We look forward to greater cooperation between Nigeria and the United States, especially at economic, diplomatic,  political and security levels.” 

Wonderfully said, See the reactions of some good meaningful Nigerians tweets;

 “I absolutely agree! Since you are talking about democracy and the will of the people, how have you fared in respecting the will of the people? How have you respected freedom of peaceful assembly and association? Have you even read constitution of the country you lead?”

Another tweeted, "Will of the people? Yet peaceful protesters are been arrested and their accounts frozen, we’re yet to know what exactly their crimes are. Is this democracy?” 

Another tweeted “Are you sure you know what democracy is? Cuz if you did, you’ll tell the truth and respond to your people with compassion, truth and give them freedom and choice…”

There are many more protests like these. What is your comment? You can be heard.                                                           

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