See the easiest way to make Okro vegetable soup

Okro is also known as ladies fingers or ochro. Okro is rich in minerals, vitamins and low in calories. Okro is used to make delicious soup in Nigeria. Okro soup can be prepared with fresh pumpkin leaves (ugu) in different ways. See the ingredients and recipes for making Okro vegetable soup.


- Fresh Okro

- Fresh Pumpkin leaves (Ugu leaves)

- Ground Pepper and one large fresh Pepper

- One large bulb of Onion

- Seasoning Cubes

- 1/2 litre of Palm Oil

- 2500g of Beef and Goat Meat ( or anyone of choice)

- Smoked Fish (any fish of choice)

- Stock Fish

- Crayfish

- Cow Skin (Kpomor)

- Salt to taste.

                     Method of Preparation

- Peel, rinse and slice Onion and one large fresh Pepper

- Wash fresh Okro with water and grate in a clean bowl

- Wash fresh Pumpkin leaves (Ugu) with clean water and slice in a clean bowl

- Scrape Cow Skin (Kpomor) and wash meat with water and little salt. Dice Cow Skin to desirable shapes and sizes in a clean pot. Add seasoning cubes and sliced onion, add little quantity of water and salt, boil till the meat is tender.

- Wash and boil stock fish separately, sieve out the stock

- Place pot on fire, add Palm Oil, allow oil to heat up a bit, add sliced onion and grated Okro, stir very well for few minutes, add ground pepper, keep stirring, after 3minutes add meat stock.

- Wash and add smoked fish, crayfish and stir

- Add boiled meat and stock fish, allow soup to boil

- Add seasoning cubes and little quantity of salt

- Lastly, add sliced Pumpkin leaves, leave on heat for few minutes. Your vegetable soup is ready.

- Dish soup, serve with poundo yam or semovita. Enjoy!

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