Transgender Senator, Sarah McBride’s epic reply to someone who asked if she is a boy or girl?


Human rights activist, Sarah McBride is to become the first transgender state senator in the US after she won her race in Delaware.


McBride, who was born biologically male before transitioning to a woman, had an interesting reply when a follower asked for her gender.


"I am confused, are you a boy or a girl?" the follower asked McBride in her DM.


She replied: "I'm a senator."


McBride shared the exchange publicly and added: "Hope this clears things up."

Her reply has gone viral with over 22,000 people retweeting it and over 333,000 likes.

Well, Senator McBride, if truth should be told, simple question like that requires a simple answer. I have this awful feeling that the person that needed Sarah's clarification wanted to know if she is a female or a male. We are in a free world and we respect people’s wishes, choices and decisions.

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