U.S Elections: Who is going to be the next U.S President?


The frenzy surrounding the America Presidential election is hitting the pick at boiling point to say the least. The world is holding its breath as the event leading to a winner emerging unfolds. Although the counting so far is placing Vice President Biden ahead of President Trump, what can be said in a more definite manner is that the results are still inconclusive as counting processes are still ongoing.

What cannot be ignored however is the bizarre approach of President Trump concerning the win or lose battle. The paranoia of Trump is seriously beclouding his sense of judgment and making him throw away the jacket of gentlemanliness and spirit of good sportsmanship! He woke up this morning announcing himself as the winner and made it clear to the good people America that his lawyer is solidly by his side from now on and is ready to file in the suit at the slightest notice!

Biden on the other hand is not taking the Trump threat lightly: he had rallied Democrats across the country to be prepared to matchup whatever fire the Trump camp will ferment by launching a Biden Fight Fund where money will be donated to fight against the mother of all lawsuits from Trump!! As at this report, the College vote is still in the favour of Biden with 237 votes as against Trump with 214 votes. The world is still watching! 

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