Where the U.S election stands


The race to the White House is still on and no winner declared yet. However, Biden is still comfortably on the lead as he narrows the gap between him and the President in key battle states like Pennsylvania as the election Officials are working round the clock to end the counting of the ballot there.

Meanwhile, the President continues to attack almost every result that is unfavorable to him with the cry of illegal votes and stolen ballot. Trump’s inner circles are traversing the Counties incinerating false claims and spreading hate with their chants of “Stop the steal.” It is however comforting to observe that key Republican stakeholders are not behind Trump in his bizarre allegations and are rather watching the electoral process with calm. This stance is very annoying to Trump’s inner circle members, especially Eric Trump who tweeted frustratingly, “Where are the GOPs?”

Meanwhile, the crucial Pennsylvania votes are still coming in as Biden narrows the gap between him and the President.    

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