Ahmaud Arbery murder suspect covered in blood ...New body cam footage moments after shooting


From the aftermath of Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting, TMZ news reports that police video shows Travis McMichael covered in blood as he talked to cops, moments after he'd shot Ahmaud Arbery -- something he claimed he had no choice but to do.

In the footage, recorded on body cams from Glynn County cops in Georgia, you see Travis tell an officer, "I mean, I just shot a man. Last thing I've ever wanted to do in my life."

This was moments after McMichael shot and killed Ahmaud, and you can see blood all over his arms as he paced back and forth while talking to a cop -- all of this just feet away from Ahmaud's body.

What's interesting is how freely McMichael was allowed to move about the scene, and how calmly law enforcement was in dealing with him. He wasn't handcuffed or thrown into a patrol car. You hear officers tell him they recognized his father, Greg McMichael -- a retired investigator for the local district attorney -- who was also arrested and charged with murdering Ahmaud.

The younger McMichael told cops Arbery hit him in the face during their confrontation, and the officer took photos of Travis' alleged injuries. He said he would cooperate with cops to ensure thAs we've reported ... Travis and Greg were denied bond last month, and the judge said previously released police body cam footage showed "significant danger" in the McMichaels' actions.e investigation was "done right, because this doesn't look good."

See the body cam footage below:


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