Bleak booming business in Britain

Sun Online’s investigation into the trafficking of minors comes after a European Commission report warned that 10 times more children are being smuggled out of the country than the last time they analysed the figures, in 2016.

At the same time, police raids in Leicestershire and Northumberland have shown that up to 86 percent of women working in some British brothels are now from Romania.

From expensive strip clubs in London to gloomy street corners in Leeds, the UK sex industry is littered with stories of so-called ‘Roms’ selling their bodies for hard cash.

Campaigners say some sex workers in Leeds - which has a legal red light district - are trafficked from RomaniaCredit: Ben Lack

We can reveal that the women are often trafficked as teenagers then forced into the sex industry by money-hungry gangs that milk them for every penny.

And the profits to be amassed are huge. With each prostitute making between £500 and £700 a day from servicing multiple ‘clients,’ their pimps can rake in £12,500 a month – or £135,000 a year – from a single girl.

Yet the women themselves are often left destitute as they are ordered to hand over all the cash they make to the men that stole them as children.

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