Child molester, Nathan Larson adopts 12-year-old girl after meeting her online and tries to fly her cross-country to his home


  Luck ran out of a pedophile Nathan Larson as he tried to smuggle a 12-year-old across country to his evil den. In a news report by the Sun news, it gave the account of Nathan Larson, 40, of Catlett who is facing charges of kidnapping, child abduction, soliciting child pornography from a minor and meeting a child for the intention of sex.   

The girl is thought to not have been harmed after authorities discovered that she was kidnapped by the Virginia man.

Larson is an admitted pedophile who went to prison for more than a year after threatening to kill either President George W. Bush or President Obama. 

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims spoke at a press conference saying: "This particular case is extremely disturbing," 

Mims said various law enforcement agencies cooperated in the investigation and that cooperation in turn saved the girl's life.

However, the sheriff cautioned that there may be other young girls who may have been preyed upon by Larson. "We believe that there are other victims out there," she said.  

Nathan Larson made national headlines in 2018 when he announced he was running as an independent candidate in Virginia's 10th Congressional District.

Larson coerced the girl online and then flew from his hometown in Virginia to Fresno in order to abduct her according to Fox News. 

Authorities were involved on Monday when her parents raised alarm bells and reported her missing.

Investigators caught wind of his whereabouts when Larson boarded a plane with the girl in Fresno that was headed for Washington.

The plane was scheduled for a layover in Denver, where the police located Larson and arrested him, rescuing the girl and reuniting her with her family. 

Online records have shown that Larson was jailed in Denver on an out-of-state fugitive warrant charging him with harboring a minor, a misdemeanor. 

He awaits extradition to Fresno where he is facing charges for more serious crimes.

Larson had met the girl online and has been grooming her since October, before flying to her house at 2am on Monday and convincing her to go with him to the airport.

Larson forced the girl to wear a wig, in order to conceal her identity and make her look older as well as feigning a disability that made her unable to speak.

Larson's run for Congress was short-lived. Larson dropped out after three months."Nathan Larson is a pedophile and a white supremacist. And he's running for Congress," reported USA Today at the time.

The paper reported that in a hate-filled stream of consciousness "campaign manifesto," Larson described himself as a fan of Adolf Hitler and said he wanted to restore "benevolent white supremacy," rebuild the patriarchy, eliminate child labor laws and legalize early marriage. 

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