Innocent man detained at mall says Police apology not enough...We need real change!!!


The black man recently handcuffed and detained unlawfully by VBP enforcement agents in the present of his family has reacted to police apology, saying it is not enough.

TMZ states that Jamar Mackey says the Virginia Beach Police Department's apologized for an embarrassing case of mistaken identity rings hollow ... and he wants big changes at the PD.

Jamar, the innocent man who was ripped from his family and handcuffed at a mall because he supposedly matched the description of an alleged credit card fraudster, tells TMZ ... police chief Paul Neudigate is just saying sorry because the incident got national attention.

His fiancée, Shantel Covil, says they want more than an on-camera apology ... they want new rules, laws and police reform ... and they want the officer fired.

The video shows the moment Jamar was yanked from his family while they were eating in a mall food court, with the officer immediately placing him in handcuffs and taking him outside in a humiliating perp walk. Cops finally admitted they had the wrong guy.

See video:

The Police Chief apologized a few days after the incident, once it started getting attention ... and while he said he wants to reach out to Jamar to hash things out, Jamar and Shantel tell us no one from the PD has followed through.

Jamar and Shantel say they're not comfortable going back to the mall with their 13-year-old son ... and they tell us why the officer should have known better.


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