Italy unveils its 1,500 pop-up vaccine pavilions which will be installed around the country

Architect Stefano Boeri has designed the temporary disc-shaped structures

They will be set up in squares and town centres throughout the country

Italy expects to receive 3.4million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in January 

The country has surpassed the UK as having Europe's highest death toll from Covid-19, with more than 65,000 having died

According to Mail news yesterday, Italy has unveiled hundreds of pop-up vaccination pavilions which will be installed around the country from January. 

The timber structures feature a flower graphic intended to symbolise regeneration as the country begins administering the coronavirus vaccine, CNN reported. 

The architect Stefano Boeri revealed the designs on Monday for the 1,500 disc-shaped pavilions which will be temporarily set up in squares and town centres throughout Italy to distribute the 3.4 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine the country expects to receive in January.  

The pods are emblazoned with pink primroses and have a wooden interior and a textile shell. They are part of the government's vaccination campaign, which runs under the slogan 'With a flower, Italy comes back to life'.

'Getting vaccinated will be an act of civic responsibility, love for others and the rediscovery of life. If this virus has locked us up in hospitals and homes, the vaccine will bring us back into contact with life and the nature that surrounds us,' Boeri said in a press release accompanying the unveiling of the pavilions.

The architect worked on the project, which also involved developing the logo and visual aspects of the vaccine campaign, free of charge, his studio told CNN. 

Each pavilion is designed around a central space and houses service areas for healthcare workers as well as changing and storage rooms, according to architecture and design magazine Dezeen.  

They are intended to be easily dismantled and reused elsewhere as well as being energy self-sufficient with solar panels on the roof which should meet the needs of the entire structure.  

Boeri is one of Italy's most celebrated architects and is most known for his Il Bosco Verticale (the Vertical Forest) building in Milan, which includes a facade stuffed with greenery. 

Italy has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and recently surpassed the UK to have the highest death toll in Europe. 

On Monday, 12,025 new cases were added to the country's more than 1.86million and 491 deaths were recorded.

More than 65,000 people in Italy have died from the coronavirus since the pandemic began. 

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