London train station jammed with passengers... As new Covid-19 strain overtakes UK


Residents of London are facing very serious times as the fear of the ‘mutant’ virus rips the city apart. As many EU nations are placing ban on traveling to those ‘trapped’ in the city are making desperate moves to leave the city ahead of the coming Xmas holiday. 

This condition has brought about a cramming of the train stations, leaving many passengers stranded. According to TMZ, London is in COVID free fall, as thousands of travelers crammed into train stations for the Xmas holiday ... this as a new, more virulent mutation of the virus rips across the country.

The size of these crowds is alarming, as this new form of the virus infects the population. The mutant virus spreads 70% faster than the original. Scientists think the vaccine will still work on the mutation, but they're not sure.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was in mortal danger himself after contracting the virus earlier this year, was pushing to relax COVID restrictions, but he's abandoned that effort.

As for the new strain, it accounted for 28% of the COVID cases in London back in November, but this month it accounts for 62% of the cases.

The government imposed travel bans Saturday, but apparently, thousands of travelers didn't get the memo, because the train stations throughout London were jammed.

The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany have suspended flights to England because of the COVID mutation.

As we know ... the virus doesn't know borders, so the possibility of worldwide spread of the mutation is real.

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