Members of a fuel theft gang shot two men, killing one, in Mexico


Members of a fuel theft gang shot two men, killing one, in Hidalgo, Mexico on Monday

The assassination was caught on camera and showed the moment the victims where ambushed by the assailants

The driver, identified as José, was pulled out of his vehicle and murdered execution style in broad daylight as bystanders ran for cover

A passenger in the vehicle was wounded and rushed to a local hospital, where he remains under observation 

No arrests had been reported as of Wednesday afternoon 

According to Mail news published yestersay, at least one man was executed and another suffered multiple gunshot wounds in a daylight attack captured on camera in Mexico.

The latest frightening incident unfolded Monday afternoon after a group of assassins ambushed the two men who were sitting in their vehicle outside a convenience store in Cuautepec, a city in the central state of Hidalgo.

The victims are seen pulling up to the side of store's parking lot before a pickup truck stopped in front of them. 

As many as four masked men are seen in the surveillance video jumping out of a pickup truck and another vehicle aiming their machine guns. 

One of the suspects dragged the driver out of his truck and executed him in the middle of the street. 

Bystanders could be seen rushing to safety as the gunmen unleashed fire at the pickup truck, wounding the passenger. 

Photos of the chaotic crime scene showed the injured man lying inside the store, apparently after he sought medical assistance before he was rushed to a local hospital. 

Local media reports indicated that the shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute between rival huachicoleros, or fuel theft gangs. 

The Hidalgo State Attorney General's Office confirmed the identity of the dead victim as José, but his last name and age were not released. The wounded victim has yet to be identified. 

A spokesperson told that no arrests had been made as of Wednesday.

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