Monster dad, Trucker Alfred Bourgeois who killed 2 year daughter, has been injected with lethal injection


The "monster" dad, 56, supposedly could not stop heaving and shaking as he was given a lethal injection of pentobarbital at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, last Friday.

Bourgeois – who repeatedly protested his innocence and claimed he was framed for killing little Jakaren Harrison – was reportedly spotted open-mouthed and writhing in a sound-proof room.

Convicted killer Bourgeois was executed on December 11 for raping and torturing his daughter, which prompted protests from Americans who opposed the death penalty.

But the Louisiana truck driver became the 10th federal prisoner to be executed since the Trump administration recommenced the punishment after it was stopped for 17 years.

Jakaren’s family described him as "a monster," however, and said his death sentence was justified after he attacked the toddler in his truck during a work delivery at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi in July 2002.

He was given a lethal injection of pentobarbital at the United States Penitentiary in Terre HauteCredit: EPA

After spanking her bare bottom, Bourgeois "grabbed her by her shoulders and slammed the back of her head into the front and side window area around the dashboard four times," court documents said.

He was also accused of systemically sexually and physically abusing Jakaren, who was tragically beaten with a belt and baseball bat, whipped with an electrical cord, scratched, bitten, and burned by her monstrous dad.

When other family members tried to clean the sores on the girl's feet, "Bourgeois would stop them and jam his dirty thumb into the wounds, then force her to walk on her injured feet," the court papers added.

The death row inmate concealed her horrific injuries using socks and sunglasses and before his trial, and remarked that her "head got as big as a watermelon" during his pre-trial prison stint.

The Department of Justice said that he "physically and emotionally tortured, sexually molested, and then beat to death his two-year-old daughter."

Abe Bonowitz, co-director of Death Penalty Action, lights a menorah after saying a prayer across Prairieton Road from the Federal Death Chamber.

Credit: AP:Associated Press

After the toddler's death, rectal swabs revealed the presence of semen. He was also convicted of sexually molesting his daughter.

Before he got the deadly jab, he said: "In no form of fashion did [I] murder, rape, or sexually molest my daughter or anyone else in my whole life.

"I did not commit this crime. I love my kids with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

"I confess and repent to God all I have ever said and done against your will. I ask for forgiveness for all those who planted and plotted evidence in my home and truck.

"For they know not what they did. God, I love you with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I pray you welcome me into your kingdom. As I close my eyes may I enter into your hands and kingdom."

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