NBA Rajon Rondo was sued with a $1 million lawsuit after his girlfriend Ashley Bachelor assaulted a fellow tenant over a parking spot. Captured on video


The case filed against NBA star Rajon Rondo shoving a woman in parking lot dispute has been denied by the playr. According to TMZ report, Rajon Rondo is fiercely denying the allegations -- and his attorney claims the surveillance video will back the NBA star.

"The case is meritless," Rondo's attorney Mark D. Baute tells TMZ Sports.

"I have seen the videotape. Mr. Rondo was polite throughout the encounter, the claimant was not wearing a mask and was unstable and rude. We look forward to defending the case and winning."

NBA star Rajon Rondo is being sued by a woman who claims she was cussed out and beat up by Rondo and his girlfriend in a heated parking lot dispute -- and the accuser says she has video of the entire incident.

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed by Toktam Jorshari, who claims she lives in the same L.A. apartment building as Rondo's girlfriend, Ashley Bachelor.

In her suit, Jorshari claims on July 28, 2020 ... Rondo parked his $300,000 Rolls Royce SUV in a handicapped parking space at the complex, despite the fact the car did not have a handicapped placard.

Jorshari says she had parked in the adjacent parking space to unload a newly purchased table -- inadvertently blocking access to the driver's side door of Rondo's vehicle.

When Rondo saw his car was blocked, he allegedly flew off the handle, according to the lawsuit.

"Bitch, why do you think you can park here?" Rajon allegedly shouted at Jorshari.

Jorshari claims Rondo was wearing a COVID mask at the time of the incident ... but was screaming so angrily, it slipped down under his nose -- causing her to fear for her health and safety.

But, Jorshari says things escalated from there -- and at one point, Rondo "with an extended arm, pushed and shoved [Jorshari] against her vehicle."

Jorshari says the push "was so violent and forceful that [Jorshari's] sandal shoe flew off her foot and her keys which she held in her hand flew out of her hand and broke into two pieces when the key fell onto the ground."

Once she was on the ground, Jorshari claims Rondo's girlfriend "proceeded to repeatedly physically attack [Jorshari] by striking her in the area of her head and upper body."

Jorshari claims she did not fight back -- and insists it was Rondo who gave his GF the "green light" to attack in the first place.

And get this ... Jorshari claims the entire incident was caught on surveillance video in the parking garage -- and she's currently in possession of the videotape.

Jorshari claims she was physically injured in the attack ... with some of the injuries resulting in "permanent disability."

Jorshari is suing both Rondo and his girlfriend for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy. She's seeking unspecified damages in excess of $1 MILLION.

We've reached out to Rondo for comment, so far no word back yet.

Rondo was a member of the L.A. Lakers at the time of the alleged incident -- but was not inside the NBA Bubble in Orlando because he had left to tend to an injury on his right thumb.

Rondo is now a member of the Atlanta Hawks.


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