New Russian tank can Parachutes onto the battlefield: Footage shows armoured vehicle deploying from aircraft and also operating in water


Russia's amphibious Sprut-SDM1 is designed to be dropped into conflict zones

The Kremlin sees it as a potential money-spinner on the global arms market

US Army once had a similar version but it suffered from numerous problems 

Russia according to Mail online report on 18th of December, has unveiled footage of a new amphibious 'flying and swimming tank' which can be parachuted into battle. 

The Sprut-SDM1 can be dropped into combat zones from a cargo aircraft with a crew of three inside, while designers claim it can also function in 4ft waves at sea. 

The Kremlin sees the state-of-the-art invention as giving Russian forces a key edge on NATO, but also as a money spinner on the international arms market. 

The US Army once had its own parachuting tank called the M551 Sheridan, but it was plagued by problems including the thin armour which was necessary to make it lightweight but also made it vulnerable to mines and grenades

Introduced during the Vietnam War, the Sheridan was also too lightweight to cope with the recoil of the main gun, making it difficult to operate. 

It was gradually phased out after struggling in the Vietnamese jungle where the heat and humidity messed with its engines, although it later saw action in Panama and the Gulf War.      

While hailed by the US Army as a 'unique blend of firepower, mobility, shock effect and protection', it was seen by many as a failure and was finally retired in 2004.

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