Pair arrested over abduction of 8-year-old Tillie in Bristol


Annmarie Lawton, 29, visited Tiolah, eight, known as Tillie, yesterday afternoon 

The family friend and an unknown man took Tillie to McDonald's in Bristol at 3pm

However, they didn't return and police launched urgent hunt after the abduction

The suspects were detained this morning and Tillie is thought to be with officers 

Mail online has reported yesterday that two suspects in the hunt for an abducted eight-year-old have been arrested while Christmas shopping after a desperate 16-hour manhunt, with the girl now with officers.

Tiolah, known as Tillie, was taken to McDonald's by her neighbour Annmarie Lawton and a man called Adam, who is unknown to her family, in Bedminster, Bristol at around 3pm yesterday. 

Family friend Lawton, 29, picked Tillie up from home with Adam and they were expected to return within an hour but failed to do so, with the child's mother reporting her missing to police at 7pm.

After a frantic search with officers treating the disappearance as an abduction, images show a sobbing Lawton and Adam being led away by police outside a busy Bristol shopping centre just after 9am this morning.   

Officers were seen talking to the pair, who were carrying a plastic Sainsbury's bag containing what looked to be children's toys and a pink umbrella, before putting them in the back of a patrol car.  

Onlookers said Tillie was with Lawton and Adam and was taken to safety while the suspects were apprehended. 

One witness said: 'They were just seemingly going shopping on a Thursday morning.' 

A member of the public called officers after they spotted the man and woman, along with Tillie, inside Bristol's Broadmead Shopping Centre just after 9am today.

The couple appeared to be 'arguing', and the schoolgirl seemed unhurt and well, sources said.  

Earlier, police released CCTV images taken from East Street, Bedminster, showing Tillie and the two adults stood near a metal shutter covered in graffiti eating the food bought from McDonald's. 

Hours before Tillie was reported missing, Lawton went live on Facebook, filming herself and the girl inside a house while she sang 'It's Not Right but It's Okay' by Whitney Houston with a man believed to be Adam sitting behind them on a sofa.

The two Facebook live steam videos prompted dozens of comments form users appealing for the girl to be returned to her mother. 

It took police just minutes to arrive after Tillie was spotted by a member of the public this morning. 

A man, who witnessed the pair being taken into custody, said: 'As I understand it, they were spotted first by a member of the public in Broadmead, then they walked to the Galleries, and it was in the Galleries that the police found them with the girl.

'So as I understand it, she has been taken into to safety by the police. They were found in the Galleries just shopping.

'Someone who saw them said they looked like they were arguing, and the little girl was with them. 

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