Playboy model, Victoria Valentino who accused Bill Cosby of rape, helped treat a man who had been shot in Altadena, California


Former playboy model and accuser of TV personality, Bill Cosby, of rape has shown the world she has a goodly nature of saving lives that is part of her when she helped resuscitate an injured man of gun-shot wound.

According to Mail news of today, 22nd of December, 2020, Victoria Valentino, a one-time Playboy Playmate who accused Bill Cosby of rape, helped treat a man who had been shot in Altadena, California on Sunday.

Valentino, 78, told TMZ that she was at home on Sunday when she heard a loud series of noises that resembled firecrackers going off; police would later confirm that gunshots were fired.

The Connecticut-born beauty said that when she went outside to see what had happened and witnessed one of her neighbors felled on the street in shock, with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

Valentino, who past worked as a hospice and respiratory nurse, told the outlet that she had elevated the leg of the victim, who was turning grey by that point.

Valentino said she and the victim's wife worked to relax him ahead of first responders arriving at the scene.

Cosby ruined my life - he raped me, he made me depressed,' she said in July 2015 to the Sunday Mirror. 'We have a platform now, a voice. He can’t damage this many people and get away with it.'

She was one of nearly 60 women who accused Cosby of sexual assault ahead of the TV star's 2018 conviction in connection with his 2004 drugging and sexually assaulting Temple University worker Andrea Constand.

Speaking last year with Fox News, Valentino said that going public about her experience with Cosby in 2014 was 'was absolutely liberating and probably the most empowering thing [she's] ever done.

'It certainly helped me heal,' she said. 'I’m a survivor. I’m not broken… Finding my voice was the most amazing thing.

'It can be tempting to push away those horrible memories and not deal with them. But the infection is still there. Those layers build up with time.'

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