President-elect Biden gets Covid-19 vaccine. Gives Props to Trump


Leadership is by example; it is not all talk but action. This proves the case of President-Elect Joe Biden who demonstrated leadership by example concerning the current COVID-19 vaccine treatment.

Biden was seen taking his shot of the vaccine in his base Delaware. According to the report, President-elect Biden is one big step closer to inoculation against COVID-19 after taking the shot in his left arm ... and actually thanking President Trump's administration for making it happen.

Joe and Dr. Jill Biden went to a hospital Monday afternoon in Newark, Delaware ... and after a little small talk with the nurse practitioner, got right to doing the deed. The Prez-elect kept a straight face, no wincing, as nurse Tabe Masa injected him with the Pfizer vaccine.

Afterward, he thanked the heroes ... "Scientists, front line workers, the ones who actually did the clinical work," and said we all owe them a huge debt.

He turned to Nurse Masa and said, "We owe you big. We really do" -- but then added, "The administration deserves some credit for getting this off the ground ... Operation Warp Speed."

Biden's said he wants to bridge the divide with Trump's supporters ... and giving POTUS his due could go a long way.

Trump's White House successor also had a message for all Americans about how to slow the coronavirus heading into the holidays -- in a nutshell, listen to Fauci.

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