See Joe & Dr. Jill Biden's Xmas message


President-Elect Joe Biden and wife have given a Christmas goodwill message of reassurance and hope to the American people.

Joe and Jill Biden are all about family, but they wanted to make it clear this year that the way to show real love for your family is to stay away from them this year.

The President-elect and the soon-to-become First Lady delivered a somber Xmas message, noting there are millions of people this year mourning the loss of a family member who succumbed to COVID.

The Bidens have said it before and they said it today ... they understand the pain of losing a loved one. They've been there.

They also said they typically have huge Christmas dinners with family, but not this year. The best way to show love in 2020 is to keep your distance to keep your family safe.

They end with optimism, saying brighter days are ahead.

See video:

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