U.S. Surgeon General, Jerome Adams urges LeBron James to take Covid vaccine


Amidst the uncertainties and fear of the unknown surrounding the COVID vaccine intake, celebrities are been called to help convince doubting Thomases or people they currently called anti-vaxxers to take the vaccine by not just publicly acknowledging the vaccine, publicly taking it to encourage others to follow.

This was the account of TMZ news published which says, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams says LeBron James can help end the pandemic ... explaining Monday if the NBA superstar takes the COVID vaccine, others will follow suit.

"LeBron James, I know you’ve been a big supporter of masks," Adams said on KTLA. "I want to know when you’re going to take the shot. Not the basketball shot, but the COVID shot."

"Because I did it because I know it’s safe, and we want to make sure people understand this is how we end the pandemic.”

Adams says if LeBron publicly vouches for the vaccine ... he's confident it could send a HUGE message to anti-vaxxers.

"That's how we promote confidence," Adams said. "We want people to lead by example."

Adams says he hasn't been able to personally reach out to LBJ with the request -- but he said if he were able to get a hold of the L.A. Lakers champ, he'd tell him to urge others to donate plasma as well.

"Take the shot, LeBron," Adams said. "Take the shot. And encourage people to go to TheFightIsInUs.org, LeBron, and give plasma ... that's how they can save a life this holiday season."

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