Woman’s face ripped off by savage pack of stray dogs leaving her fighting for life


A twenty-year-old Russian woman was attacked by stray savage dogs leaving her face and body completely ruined and barely clinging to life. 

The Sun news states that doctors are today fighting to save the life of a woman whose face was completely skinned by a pack of stray dogs. 

The predators ripped off all Tatyana Loskutnikova's clothes and gnawed her flesh down to the bone during the sickening attack in Russia.

The horror screams of the 20-year-old nail artist alerted locals who scared away the wild pack.

They then carried the gravely wounded woman to the safety of a nearby house, in the city of Ulan-Ude, and called the emergency services.

The victim's face has been horrifically disfigured, with all the skin gnawed away, including her eyelids, and she suffered serious blood loss, say reports from the scene. 

Her family say Tatyana’s face has been “damaged beyond recognition” during the savaging in -22C temperatures.

She is today in a grave condition, on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma, 24 hours after the horrific attack.

Police have now shot ten stray dogs responsible for her critical injuries.

Checks are underway to establish if the animals were infected with rabies. 

"The woman has shreds of flesh all over her body,” said the hospital. "And only her eyes remained on the face”.

Dr Igor Shpak, head physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital, said: "The victim is in intensive care after anti-shock therapy.

6“Surgeons, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, otolaryngologists, and maxillofacial surgeons are all fighting for her life. 

“The patient was delivered to us in an extremely serious condition, suffering hemorrhagic and painful shock.”

She had “multiple lacerated and bitten wounds on the face, body, and limbs".

“The percentage of damage is extremely high. Her blood pressure is extremely low.”

Local resident Alexandra Andreevna, who saved the woman, said: “I heard the screaming and barking of dogs this morning. 

“I got dressed, went out to the cross road to see. There was a backpack lying on the ground. 

“Then I saw a baying pack of dogs and a person lying on the ground.  There were about 10 dogs, maybe more. 

“The girl was lying on the ground and by now was no longer screaming. 

 “She was conscious, but, apparently, she could no longer scream because of pain.”

The woman used a stick to beat away the dogs and banged a fence to scare the animals and alert neighbours. 

Eventually she and a local man got close to the young woman and carried her into the house. 

"We dragged her to my house,” she said. “She was without any clothes, only in boots. 

“Her body was bitten in places  to the tendons and bones.  Her face was also bitten, covered in blood. The eyeballs were exposed.”

A statement from her brother Vladislav posted: “On December 23, on the way to the clinic, my sister Tatyana was attacked by a pack of dogs.

“As a result, she was taken in an extremely severe condition to the intensive care unit… 

“The bites were deep, to the bone, the soft tissues of her face damaged beyond recognition. 

“Tanya. (Tatyana) is a young and promising girl, she is only 20 years old.”

A police officer shot one of the violent dogs dead soon after the animal attacked him.

The others were killed later and a preliminary criminal investigation has been opened. 

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