Youtuber and Russian Vlogger, Stas Reeflay tracked down for killing and live streaming his girlfriend,Valentina Grigoryeva

YouTube is currently trying to track down and delete videos purporting to show a Russian vlogger livestreaming his girlfriend's death.

Stas Reeflay was arrested after he allegedly forced his 28-year-old pregnant partner Valentina Grigoryeva outside on a balcony in sub-zero temperatures wearing just her underwear, The Mirror reported.

The disturbing video, which was seen by TooFab, appears to show Reeflay dragging her lifeless body back into his apartment — all while the camera is still running.

According to local media reports, 30-year-old Reeflay — whose real name is Stanislav Reshetnikov — was paid $1,000 by one of his subscribers to inflict the torment.

The video was not originally streamed on YouTube; however copies of it quickly began spreading on the site Friday morning — quicker than Google could take them down.

"We're shocked to learn of this tragic incident," a spokesperson told TooFab in a statement. "This kind of graphic content is not acceptable on YouTube."

"Although the original live stream did not take place on YouTube, we quickly removed reuploads and terminated the associated account."

One copy of the sick video appears to show the pink-haired Grigoryeva sitting in front of the computer with Reeflay and another woman, an open bottle of liquor in the foreground; Grigoryeva, appearing inebriated, grabs a knife and threatens him before falling over off screen, while the other two appear to try to restrain her.

Reeflay is later seen dragging the unresponsive Grigoryeva — who is wearing just a bra and panties — back into the room from the hallway by her arm, and trying to wake her, before leaving her lying on the floor to continue talking to the camera, even swigging from an open bottle.

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