Charlie Charlie are you there


Charlie Charlie are you there? This is a popular question that is on the mouth of a lot of people all over the world. The question has a story behind it and was out at by popular Tik Toker with the account name @ariacyrus, she gave a story about Charlie Charlie being a demon who is able to be summoned by anyone. All the person has to do is to part a piece into four quarters, write Yes and No on opposite sides of the quarter space and have two pencil on top of each other lying on the lines. Then you say the words 'Charlie Charlie are you there', if it is because it is a so called demon, it would push the pencil to 'Yes' so the game can start and you can ask it questions or it would say 'No' so can't play the game. The demon is very summonable as soon many viral videos as shown. People all over the world have tried it and it has shown up right on multiple occasions with quite few exceptions that didn't work.

Lots of Nigerians have shown fear that the demon may haunt them for eternity as said by the time toker who posted the video. There was a certain video of a girl who played it and it worked but according to her was haunted by it and her things were moving by itself. She was crying was looking so scared that it would haunt her everytime. Other videos has surfaced showing it work and people freaking out really bad, most are quite funny but some are really scary. It does look so nice that you can call out a demon and it would really answer you and play a game with it asking it about your future and things that would happen in the future. But there has been lots of concern on the safety of summoning a demon to play with.

Ariacyrus brought a new game to play, all you have to do is to call the 801-820-0263 and the number won't answer you and it would cut the call and call you back and say the words 137 back to you and say your name in a little voice and yu and the demon would have a chat. There is one thing about the Charlie Charlie demon is that your have to tell the demon that you don't want to play anymore and it would answer whether yes or no so then you can end the game. Stay glued to for more creepy stuffs.

Photo credit: Google play

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