COVID-19: The vaccine will not protect you from getting infected; Virologist alerts


Professor Oyewole Tomori, a renowned professor of virology(the study of viruses and virus-like agents) and former Vice-Chancellor of the Redeemer's University Nigeria, said on Channels TV, Monday night, that the COVID-19 vaccine is not the solution to the deadly infection most people think it is. Rather, according to him, what the vaccine does is  simply prevent the infection becoming a disease.

"Vaccine is not the solution to the problem. If you get a vaccine, you will develop immunity, no doubt if you do well.

"The likelihood is that you will develop immunity but then, that immunity does not protect you from exposure, it does not protect you from infection. What the vaccination does is to prevent your infection from becoming a disease.

"Your vaccine will not protect you from exposure. if you do not wear your mask  and you go out because you are vaccinated, it does not mean that you won't be exposed to somebody who is sneezing and carrying it around" he said.

Professor Oyewole Tomori explained further that the vaccine is an addition to other measures in mitigating the viral infection.

He added that the vaccine does not protect people from getting infected, but it prevents the infection from becoming a disease.

"The guarantee is that you are protected but supposing you are not and even when you are protected if you get exposed to the virus, it will grow in your body that is the infection but it will not progress to disease because you have the vaccine.

"Vaccine is not the solution; it's just an addition to the things we said we should be doing- wear your mask, wash your hands, and maintain your distance.

"Even when you get the vaccine, you should still continue to do those ones because of the things I have mentioned - your vaccine will prevent the infection from becoming a disease, that is all it does.

"So, let's not think it is a magic wand and that once you get it, that is the end.

"You know we react differently and the fact that I get vaccine does not mean I will develop immunity"

In conclusion, with at least 101,331 corona virus cases in Nigeria and at least1,361 deaths we are advised to observe all protocols set to protect us from  the virus and if we must go out, to do well to wear a mask.

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