Donald Trump supporters attack the US Capitol


Would there be peaceful transition of power on the 23rd of January 2021 at the White House. A lot of doubts has been thrown in since the recent attack on the US Capitol at Washington DC. There was a terrible riot on Wednesday 6th of January on the capitol targeting the House. The entire floor of Congress was hit and disorganized by so called Pro Trump protesters. The attack was a premeditated attack to disrupt the hearing on the reaffirmation of President Elect Joe Biden to be the next and 45th president of the United States of America. 

This attack has caused the loss of properties worth thousands of Dollars, caused the disruption of proceeds of the Congress and most importantly claimed the lives of people one of whom was a rioter who had to be shot by an officer as he had no other choice. This attack has come as more affirmation of the incompetence of President Donald Trump to continue as the President of America

Reports has it that this attack were infuriated by the President himself who told his and porters that they shouldn't allow the proceeds to go on and Joe Biden to be the next President, he also told them that he would be with them on that day. But as we would have it on that day, the President was seen driving in the opposite direction of the attack, driving in a metallic bullet proof limousine to the comfort and safety of the White House. The act of his did little to deter the rioters as the attack still went on the Capitol, Congress and other government facilities.

 Trump also made a huge blunder by not releasing the homeland security on time to combat the rioters at the Congress and so giving them more time to destroy more things. Trumors has been the source of lot of allegation of abusing his office and committing acts of terrorism, and acting like a maniac instead of the President of one of the most powerful and influential country in the world. Quite a number of people have called on President Donald Trump to step down even though it is barely two weeks before the inauguration of Joe Biden as the next President of the country. Even members of his party, 'Republicans' have condemned the attack calling it unlawful and asking for actions to be taken.

Elaine Chao is the first Trump cabinet Secretary to resign after the attack, she has been an instrumental part of the Trump administration since the day one but this looks to be the last straw that broke the camel's back. She has been on his side, defending him and campaigning for him but that now seems to be in the past as she has strongly condemned the attacks and has nothing to do with it.

 Housespeaker Rep Nancy Pelosi has also called on the President to resign or less they could invoke the 25th amendment which allows the Congress to unsit the President and put the vice President in place of him if he seem mentally unstable and incapable to fully run the government but the twist is that the President can say he is fit and the Congress would go have 48 hours on whether to go into deliberation and come up with a solution by 24 days.

But Trump should be long there by thent so Trump is pretty much untouchable for now. There was also reports that vice President Pence was also put into the danger due to the attacks and has not shown happiness for the attacks. 

As expected the President Elect of the United States of America Joe Biden has come out to give a statement condemning the acts of the Pro Trump rioters calling it an assault on democracy and acts of terrorism. 

He also said that if it were black rioters at the Capitol, they would have been treated very very differently in his actual words. There would have been lots of casualties on the rioters side. He said his grand daughter sent him pictures of security watching the protesters turn rioters, the rioters were all white people and they weren't really contained except on occasion were they had to be attacked to contain them. The President Elect also used to the medium to nominate member of his cabinets that would be up for screening by the Congress before appointment, he also made some things. He told his cabinet would be working for the people not him, and his justice department would not be loyal to him but the people of America. These are all promises but would we see that into actualization, that would only happen of he is later sworn in. We all pray that there would be no more bloodshed and there would be no more riots and loss of properties. Goodnews is that you can follow the updates on for all the latest.


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