Feds release photo of MAGA rioter they want to question over the murder of Capitol Cop Brian Sicknick who was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher


  • The FBI released two photos of the alleged suspect in Officer Brian Sicknick's death on Tuesday One photo shows a man wearing a blue knit cap with the letters 'CFD'  
  • The other shows the suspect holding onto a red object 
  • The second image appeared to be a screen grab from a video in which a man was seen launching a fire extinguisher at a Capitol police officer 
  • It's unclear whether the officer in that video is Sicknick - who died on Thursday after being struck in the head by the same weapon 
  • Do you know the man in the FBI photos?

Following the death of a police officer killed in the Capitol riot, there is a manhunt for a suspect believed to have thrown the fire extinguisher that struck the officer’s head met.

In the news by Daily Mail, it reports that the FBI has released two photos of a suspect they want to question about the murder of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick during last week's violent riots.  

The first photo shows an older bearded man wearing a blue knit cap with the letters 'CFD' stitched on it. 
The second photo, which does not show the suspect's face, appears to be a screengrab from a video in which a man was seen launching a fire extinguisher that struck a Capitol police officer on the head.  

Authorities have yet to confirm whether the officer in that video was Sicknick, who died on Thursday night after having been hit in the head by a fire extinguisher as he and his colleagues faced off with hundreds of Donald Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol the day before. 

The FBI has asked anyone who may recognize the man in the photos to contact investigators immediately. 
Steven D'Antuono, the head of the FBI's Washington Field Office, was asked about the case at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon but declined to offer additional details. 
'It's an ongoing investigation. We're looking at everything,' D'Antuono said. 'It cuts us to the core that one of our brothers past away. There's a lot of tools and interviews we're still conducting. We're reviewing all of that information.
DailyMail.com on Monday released the disturbing video in which a MAGA rioter was seen throwing a fire extinguisher into a group of Capitol Police officers. 

At the start of the two-minute clip, a fire extinguisher is seen lying on the ground while dozens of police officers work to fight off a mob of Trump supporters surging toward the Capitol building in a futile bid to block Congress from certifying Joe Biden's election victory.  

A protester is then seen picking up the extinguisher and walking toward a throng of fellow rioters clashing with cops. 
The video cuts to another protester pushing an officer off the ledge of the building - before the man with the extinguisher comes out of nowhere and launches it at the cops. It bounces off the helmet of one officer before striking another, who falls backward. He appears to regain his balance slightly before the clip cuts off.  

Last week authorities revealed that Sicknick had died as a result of injuries he sustained during the riots - including a blow to the head by a fire extinguisher. 
Sicknick managed to walk away from the melee before collapsing hours later at his division office. He was hospitalized and placed on life support before being declared dead the following night. 

At least 20 people have been charged in Washington DC's federal district court and another 40 have been charged in the local superior court since the siege on the US Capitol, which left five people dead, according to the Justice Department.
Investigators are combing social media images that showed hundreds of people swarming the building, attacking police, stealing computers and artifacts and smashing windows. 

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