Festive periods, congested malls, beaches and hot spots in Nigeria


The main festive period in Nigeria is the December time, right from the 1st of the month to the new year (except other festives too e.g easter, end of Ramadan, valentines day etc) places which don't see that much crowd the length would triple or more their usual number.

 Lagos is the economic capital of West Africa so one could imagine the number of hotspots are there in Lagos, almost everywhere you turn to is a fast food joint, a park, a pool bar, a small or just a chill spot. With countless fast food places, more than 10 malls, more than 7 beaches both private and public, numerous park both just grass parks to children parks with fun stuffs and countless chill spots. But the funny thing is that even with all this places, there is still crowds everywhere during festive periods and it brings the worry that aren't they enough places to visit without having to queue or be encountered with both human and vehicle traffic. Recently we have been hitscorching traffic in these places, and due to the Coronavirus it has be doubled. This is because all safety protocols have to be taken which involves not allowing large social gatherings (which is often broken), the use of face mask or shield ( that is why most places we go to you see the sign 'No facemask, No entry'), and all other measures. All this measures give no room for people to be gathered in one place and therefore there is a much larger crowd outside waiting to gain entry.

Let's take the popular "Ikeja City Mall (ICM)  for example, I was there on Sunday to observe the area, the entire place was filled to capacity and they had to close the doors and let in people and ask others to leave. The other thing that infuriated people outside were the reluctancy of people inside to come out even though it was quite glaring that they were done with what they came for and were at such just walking around window shopping, hanging around and taking pictures. 

Facemasks was another thing that hindered people from entering the mall as people were allowed inside the compound and parking lot without temperature checks and facemasks, but not allowed inside the main mall without this procedures. But this got me thinking something, why would they allow people inside the compound without this checks, why are the gates unsupervised, why would they allow such a large number of people stay in the mall's compound unchecked and unsupervised. Everywhere was filled, even jewelry shops were filled up, I can't even start to talk about the cinema which was so filled with loud shouting pictures taking people. 

If ICM was quite a trip, what would we say about the beach. They allowed everywhere in wearing facemasks of course. The crowd there was a joyful one, the water made everyone quite happy but they were just too many and everywhere. We tried to get some privacy both on the beach and in the water but everywhere we turned to was a cluster of people so privacy was out the window. There was one funny thing too, was that almost all pictures you took contained at least one person you didn't know, them just popping their head in or it happening without their knowledge. The beach was getting quite full as the day was slowing ending and people were just waiting for those evening hours with no scorching sun blazing down their necks. There was also nice music from the DJ playing up the beach. Parks were no exception to all this chaos and some have been closed since last year e.g JJT park at Ikeja has been closed since around November due to measures to curb Covid 19. 

New Mandarine eatery Agbor, was also crowded on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day. Facemask should be one major rule everyone should abide to, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

With all this said, it is a reasonable conclusion to say that even though Lagos has a great number of Cinemas, parks, beaches, malls, restaurants, fast food joints and other relaxing spots, It is not still enough to satisfy everyone in the state of over 25 million people. So this is a fair awareness to anyone who wants to go out and probably flex this period, one is to go with your facemasks or shields, two is carry enough money preferably more than your budget, cause you never know what would happen, three is to stay away from unprecedented crowd  and four and most important of them all is to STAY SAFE. 


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