Humberside Police confirms that missing Chloe Fewster has being spoken to but Chloe's mother seems worried


  • Chloe Fewster, 19, had last been seen on Christmas Day in Hull, East Yorkshire
  • Family say Miss Fewster disappeared with a man, who may be her boyfriend  
  • Police have now confirmed Miss Fewster has been located, seen and spoken to.

The missing 19-year-old girl that was alleged missing with a dangerous man friend on Christmas day is reported found. 

In the news reported by Mail News it says that the 19-year-old woman has been found by police three days after going missing and allegedly meeting with a man who may have impersonated her online.

Chloe Fewster had last been seen on Christmas Day in Hull, with relatives claiming she disappeared with a man who may be her boyfriend.

But Humberside Police confirmed that Missing Fewster had been seen and spoken to by officers after being located in the East Yorkshire city last night.

Miss Fewster responded to a Facebook post by a family member late yesterday evening amid mounting concerns over her safety, saying: 'Safe and well confirmed by police and that's why they've removed their post.'

And her mother Kerry McDougall wrote on Facebook : 'Just want to thank everybody who has shared posts about Chloe and shared information. She has now been spoken to by the police and is no longer a missing person.'

In the hours before she was last seen, Miss Fewster had posted a cryptic Facebook message with a picture of herself and an unnamed man wearing beauty face masks with the caption: 'My love'.

Miss McDougall had previously said that although messages had been sent from Miss Fewster's social media accounts, she did not believe they were being written by her daughter. 

Friends had claimed to have been in contact with Miss Fewster on Facebook and Snapchat since she disappeared, but Miss McDougall had said 'honestly he controls her social media'.

A Humberside Police spokesman said today: 'Nineteen-year-old Chloe Fewster, reported missing on Boxing Day, has been located and has been seen and spoken to by our officers.

'Chloe was reported missing at 11am on December 26 prompting an extensive police operation to find her. She was located in Hull last night. We would like to thank everyone for sharing our appeals to find Chloe.

But Chloe's mother seemed worried and unsatisfied with Humberside Police reports, she posted on Facebook that her daughter Chloe still hasn't been in touch with her since her disappearance.

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