Hunt for ‘silent’ serial slasher after delivery driver, 48, and two others stabbed in random ‘lone-wolf’ attacks


A knife maniac is running loose in the North West side of London where a driver was fatally stabbed and two others that can be linked together.

In the news report by Sun today, 18th of January, 2021, it says that police are hunting a 'slient' knife attacker in North West London after a dad was stabbed to death and two others were knifed nearby.

Cops have been seen combing the area for evidence as they said the attacker didn't appear to rob any of the victims or say anything of significance to them.

Delivery driver Leon Street, 48, was fatally knifed in Neasden, North West London, on January 11.

Leon, who lived locally with his fiancée, died from stab wounds to the chest, a post-mortem found.

The fatal stabbing is also linked to another attack about ten minutes earlier that left a man in his 40s with non-life threatening injuries.

Police confirmed this morning that they are now linking the two knifings on January 11 to a third stabbing at about 9.50am yesterday in the same area.

Sunday's attack left a man in his 30s with knife injuries before he was rushed to hospital. He is said to be in a non-life threatening condition.

A knife has been recovered from a nearby dog park and a horrified witness say they saw a man with a bloodied chest and a trail of blood.

The witness, who did not want to be identified, said: “I saw the guy yesterday. I was just walking down the road and he opened his jacket to me.

“He showed me his top and there was blood all over his chest.

“He just seemed to be wanting to tell me that he had been stabbed."

They continued: "Then he showed me his wound and carried on walking past. I walked down and I could see the trail of blood from the shops down to the corner where he’d walked up the road."

Hours later, a large kitchen knife was found lying on the grass in a nearby park which has since been cordoned off by police.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said: “We were indoors sleeping when it happened but we saw the knife just sitting in the park at about 3pm.

“We saw the knife and we reported it to the police and then they immediately closed off the park.

“I don’t know if it’s connected but they are going off there with their sticks now."

Another resident spoke of how the victim was seen with blood pouring from his chest.

Speaking today, resident Michael Curry, 62, said: “My friend was on a job at the park and he came into Neasden to get his paper.

“The guy bumped into him and there was blood pouring out of his chest.

“Then another chap came up the underpass and he called the ambulance."


A shocked local Fiona Gregory, 48, said she heard sirens blaring as cops raced to the scene yesterday.

She told The Sun Online: “I looked out my window and there was police just absolutely everywhere. It’s been like that since.

“Last night the police were doing a finger tip search in all the gardens on the street, they were looking in bins. 

“It definitely seemed like something more was going on than one stabbing.”

A cordon remains in place on Neasden Lane North, and also stretches across a large swathes of Press Road and Aboyne Road next to the scene. 

Fiona added: “They weren’t allowing anyone down the road at all. People were stood for hours with their shopping. 

“This used to be a really rough area and it’s calmed down. Then suddenly you have three incidents in the space of a week.

“I don’t feel unsafe, there’s enough police around. But three in a week...you don’t expect it.” 


Detective Chief Inspector Tom Williams (Specialist Crime) said: "This is an investigation into three stabbings, one of which was fatal.

"I am working with a dedicated team of detectives to get answers for Leon’s grieving family and for the two other victims.

"At this stage, I believe that all three attacks were committed by the same, lone male suspect.

"He is a white man, aged very roughly around 30 years, and I think he was wearing a dark-coloured jacket both on 11 January and 17 January."

Mr Williams has also urged the public to come forward if they were in the area during any of the stabbings as police believe the attacker lives locally.

He added: "In particular, I want to hear from anyone who saw a man running or otherwise acting suspiciously in the Neasden Lane North area between 9pm and 10pm last Monday or at around 9.50am on Sunday morning.

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