Islamic cleric linked to 2002 Bali bombing released from prison


Abu Bakar Bashir the alleged brain behind the 2002 Bali bombing that killed over 88 Australians, scores of other nationalists and another attack on the J.W. Marriot hotel in Jakarta in 2003 and other bombing that killed over 203 people and destroyed properties too has been released from prison in Indonesia. Bashir was initially sentenced to serve 15 years imprisonment but has served 10 years after receiving periodic reducing of his sentence. His sentence was for his links to a militant training camp in Aceh Province as the bombing allegations were never proven. Bashir of course denied those ties. The Indonesia authorities said they released Bashir for suspected influence in extremist activities and would immediately enrol him for a de-radication program. Bashir was reportedly picked up by his family and taken to his home in Central Java from the Gunung Sindur prison in Bogor, south of Jakarta. Bashir was released around 5:30am. This were reported by spokeswoman for corrections directorate general for the law and human rights ministry Rita Aprianti. She also included he was fine and well as at the time of release.

The 82 year old was or is still the leader of a Jemaah Islamiah(JI), a jihadist network with clear ties with al-Qaeda . Intelligence but home and abroad say that Bashir is linked to the attacks but they weren't able to prove it. Last month, a raid was carried out and a man believed to be a high ranking JI member who made the bombs for the attacks Zulkarnaen was arrested. Foreign Minister has come out to say that Bashir would be monitored very strictly and make sure that Bashir doesn't do anything that would bring about violence and attacks. A survival of the 2002 attacks, an Indonesian Thiolina Marpaung has said she wishes he is watched more and even though they don't know his activities while in prison they would ensure that he is restricted from any acts of violence. It is said that Abu Bakar Bashir pledged allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS) in 2014. Bashir is to undergo a special de-radication program according to Eddy Hartono of Indonesia anti terrorism agency. Eddy also said that Bashir is to preach only peaceful and soothing sermons even has returns to the Al Mukmin Islamic boarding school close to Solo, Central Java province.

Since the 2002 attacks, the JI has been weakened by the Indonesian authority with the firm backing of the United States and Australia even with the raid that led to the arrest of 23 militants including Zulkarnaen but in the advert of that, other extremist groups have arisen and plaqued the world largest majority Muslim country. "He is done with his term and this is over", said Abdul Rohim, Bashir's son said when speaking to reporters. Reports shows that even though Bashir has lost his touch in some places within the JI, his words would still be heard and concurred with. Stay with for more on world terrorism..

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