'Ozil leaving Arsenal is the best solution', Says Arteta


Arsenal manager Mike Arteta has come out to say that German playmaker Mesut Ozil is very much open to leave Arsenal Football Club this January transfer window. The playmaker has not played a competitive match for the English club since their 1-0 win over West Ham on March 7, 2020. Ozil has been frozen out of both the club's Premier league and Europa squads but is free to play their next FA cup tires of selected. Ozil is currently the currently the highest paid player in the Arsenal team with earnings over 350 thousand pounds. The 32-year old has been left out of the club since because of a fall out with the club

Mesut Ozil has 6 months left on his contract and is free for talks to other clubs from the Gunners. Reports from Turkey says that Ozil could end his eight year stay at Arsenal with reports of a deal with Fenerbahce. The deal is likely to include a pay cut as Fenerbahce won't be able to meet his current pay. Arteta says ' we would discuss the situation and find the best solution, a move would be good for both the player and the club but if not, the player would stay here'. Even though clubs can make changes to squad after the transfer window, Arteta has hinted that his stance won't be changed even if the player decides to see out the rest of his contract.

Arteta who played alongside Ozil for three years before his retirement in 2016 as said ' we know how important he has been for the club in the past seasons but I had to make a decision and I did. I also know the consequences of our actions and we would have to face even as we make another decision this January. We would just put balance and find out the best thing for the club, team and the player's intentions to use finding the right solution. Follow ritrend.com for full disclosure on what happens.

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