Trouble at the bridge


Recently wins have been elusive of the self acclaimed Pride of London. On Sunday 3-1 loss to Manchester City ( Man City) just complied to their woes. Their recent drop of form in the Premier League have raised worries for concern. With the exception of the Champions League where they are still unbeaten and overcome quite a group to be paired with in form Atletico Madrid in the round of 16. Chelsea were one of the biggest spenders in the August transfer window splashing over 200 millions pounds on new inputs. Now the question is with all this money spent, shouldn't they be toping the pile but recently they haven't been living up to expectations. Rumors has it there would soon be a change of power. So by the end of the season changes may have come to Stamford Bridge

Just one win and one draw in the last six games for the blues in the league sees them 8th on the table, the have gone from title contender to fighting for top six positions. This is a similar situation that had happened last season and we all considered it to be a defensive issue but since the arrival of Brazilian and PSG legend Thiago Sliva and Senegalese keeper Edouard Mendy, most of the issues have been reduced. Even previous defenders have improved with the likes of Kurt Zouma, Reece James etc. But now there is more worries in every area, Timo Werner was a key part of his former club but has been a shadow of himself recently netting just four goals and as many assists the entire season. So Chelsea have had to rely on old boys Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud to bag goals for the club. So this few arrivals begs the question on whether this signings were needed PR still need time to adapt. Another misfortune has been the lack of performance from the biggest of them all in terms of money Kai Havertz, who has not really made any main impact with just one league goal. Well people are ready to draw out swords on his behalf because he missed a number matches due to both Covid 19 and injury. But still how many imparts has he made with the ones he didn't miss.

We could sit here all day and talk about the woes of the club most at league level, failing to get points from lower opposition they should have little problem beating. Not beating a big team this season and in the words of some dashing their form to Arsenal who has started some kind of resurgence after their terrible start to the season. Others have faulted the coach on many occasions, too much rotation in the team thereby not having a specific line up who can blend well and understand each others methods, not starting the right players and favouring English players even though they aren't to play and many more problems that have been wired all over the club social media platforms. One would think that we each firepower and resources at their disposal they would be the club others would strive to beat not beating them outrightly. If Chelsea wants to contend for titles, fight for top 4 places and be the actual Pride of London, then things would have to change for the better, they would have to have sharper and ruthless attackers, ball controlling midfield and aost impenetrable defense. Put all this in place and they would be the club to beat and not the club been beaten.

As all this have been said, it gives room for questions, Questions like Frank Lampard the right manger with possible replacements like Thomas Tuchel, Rafael Benetiz, Max Allegri amongst others who could take over from him? Questions like were so signings important or forced since they didn't want them to go to other clubs? Questions like are the players head still in the game PR they are fine with the manager taking the heat. Would there be more significant this January as the transfer window just opened ? Would they be able to be title contenders? Would they be the Pride of London once more? Would they finish in the top 4? Can they replicate their Champions League form to the League. This questions and more are the ones brooding in everyone's mind but they can't be all the answered now but till the end of the season. So still glued to for more updates on Chelsea's and other clubs news.

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