Uncertainty surrounding Tertiary institution in Nigeria

This is a very sensitive topic for a lot of young people who have been at home for over a year now, there has been a lot of stumbling block that has stopped the free flow for the higher institution program. It has been one major issue to another and it seems the government of the day are unabated by this turbulence. And rumors has it that there would soon be another nation wide strike and it tends to be another long one because neither them nor the Government is ready to compromise and let discussion come to play and resolve all these issues.

So we started on the first issue, the ASUU strike, this staff claim to be owned months and months of waves and allowance, the government had ignored warnings and warnings of strike that ASUU had submitted. The first strike started early last year and stretched for majority of the year, the strike was briefly suspended when it looked like the discussions were reaching a conclusion because there were allegedly reports the government were ready to cough out over 500 billion nails to end the strike but like most things promised by the government the deal didn't see the light of the day. So the strike continued and  students and lectures and were all sent home to just watch as everything unfolded. Then the terrible outbreak of Coronavirus just shed more dark clouds into the possibility of resumption of schools again and again. The inevitable happened, the cases spread like wildfire and the nation had to go on lockdown and everything collapsed entirely. The news of the lockdown tore huge holes in the minds of undergraduates tired of staying at home, final year students itchy to graduate and get University life over with and other staff who were tired of this whole display and incompetence of both the government and representative of ASUU to reach a symbiotic conclusion. The Covid-19 is still very much around and cases and still on the rise but like most countries in the world we can't strive long on lockdown and must states relaxed their lockdown measures. This gave room for discussion to begin once more .

There is an interesting part to this whole thing, there was protests staged by mainly youths of the country fighting against Police brutality, oppression by a division of the police known as SARS ( Special Anti Robbery Squad) who had turned themselves away from their primary objectives and now followed people around mostly young people harassing, extorting and in some cases even killing them. The protests went on for weeks and there were reports that the government wanted to hurriedly open Universities as the protesters were majorly undergraduates. Opening schools would cause in huge reduce in the number of protesters but they were adamant saying they won't resume and would fight anyone who does. That strategy didn't fall through as once again they were too tightfisted to release funds for this to happen. Sadly the event on 20th of October 2020 saw the last of this protests. But up until recently there has been a suspension of this strike and schools have fixed dates of post utme to be wrote as this has been throughout the last year. Resumption dates has been fixed for returning students but the thing is that this issues has given lots of concerns, concerns on how students are so far back, concerns on how long diploma students would wait for 100 level students who have barely reached anywhere in their syllabus. If you are wondering why diploma students are ahead, after the relaxation of the lockdown, talks were held on behalf of final year students and diploma students and were successful so they wrote their exams while the others stayed at home.

So now there is a 100 level stereo who are not so much into their program amd there is another set waiting in the shadows, those who wrote the March Jamb (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) exams have registered for their schools POST JAMB but have not written. All this issues has a lot of debate on whether there should be another JAMB this year so as to reduce the traffic, but that looks unlikely and it is only a matter of time before the next Jamb form is out for sale and students write them and are waiting to enter the University. But this raise the question on whether they would merge them but can the schools take such capacity, the obvious answer is NO, so the new set should reach to stay home for a year or maybe two for the two previous sets to be settled in before they are allowed in. All this and more are the many things burrowing through people's mind. Is this government really looking out for the people? Was the strike that necessary? What would be the on what to do with the batches and the coming ones too? Would there be JAMB this year or is it necessary? This and more are the many questions burrowing the minds on a lot of people minds affected by this all despicable. 

Up until recently, as recent as last week spilling into this week that the strike may resume as it was just suspended not called off, the ultimatum the ASUU community gave the government would soon end. So it looks like there would be another round of this strike thing, but we haven't even talked about the bad effects this has had on the students with some going into crimes, others losing interest and most losing trust in the system. Other effects on the staff who have been out of work for so long and some barely surviving because of the lack of waves they haven't received. This year is still early and we would all be watching as all this unfolded, would we see another strike or would the government succumb and pay the price and let tertiary institution back to normal activities. So stick to ritrends.com to find out.

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