Separatist parties in Spain's semi-autonomous Catalonia region will boost their majority in the local parliament, near-complete results suggest


With more than 90% of votes counted, the three parties are on course to get 74 seats in the 135-strong assembly, up from 70 in the outgoing parliament.

That would allow them to govern, despite splits on major issues.

Meanwhile, the unionist Socialist Party looks likely to win the biggest share of the vote.

Spanish court bans Catalonia's leader from office Spain's political deadlock nears end Catalonia region profile.The backdrop of this election was far removed from the last one, just over three years ago, says BBC World Service Europe regional editor Danny Aeberhard.

Then, it was the fervour of a rancorous dispute with Madrid over independence, he says. Now, it has been the coronavirus pandemic - with polling station staff decked out in full protective gear at the end of the day to enable those who had tested positive for the virus to vote. But politically, the result seems to be similar.

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